Create a $5k/month business plan for your blog

(Even if you know all your readers by name or don’t even have a blog yet!)


Hey there...

Whether you’ve been blogging for years or are still deciding what platform to host your blog on…

Let’s get one thing straight:

If you’re gonna blog, you deserve to get paid for it.

When you’re typing away at your keyboard, you’re using brainpower. Meaning you’re working. Meaning you deserve to get rewarded for your time.

But to unlock the income you deserve, you need more than blog posts. You need a strategy for monetizing your content. 

You need a PLAN.

No business plan


Cash on the table

Without a business plan, you’ll find yourself:

  • Confused about what to focus on
  • Creating content that no one reads (ouch!)
  • Creating content without getting rewarded (double ouch!)

Every time you upload a new post, you’ll hope and pray that this one will go viral. But the truth is, you’ve got no clue how to cash in readers for bank.

And allllll the while you’re spinning your wheels…

You see other content creators sharing snaps from their hotel shoot in Bali, selling coaching programs that cost an entire month’s wages… and earning a full-time income as a part-time blogger.

You WISH people would stop telling you how awesome it feels to “quit your 9 to 5” and start telling you HOW you can get results like these for your blog!


Spend 30-45 minutes a day for just FIVE days and challenge yourself to create a business plan that brings you $5k profit a month… every month.


Take a look inside...

Become a business owner

When you treat your blog like a real business, you’ll see real results. I’ll coach you to transform your love of blogging into something bigger, better… and far more lucrative.

How to build your list

Create a plan to grow your list from 0 to the magic number that will help you hit $5k months with ease. With this strategy, you can hit that magic number in months, not years.

Identify your key sources of blogging income

Discover 25+ ways to turn your content into cash flow. Identify the best strategies so you can hit $5K/month in a way that feels natural and authentic. Even if you only have a few hours a week to put into your blogging business.

Create your $5K/month business plan

Map out HOW you’ll hit your personal revenue goal. I’ll walk you through what numbers to pay attention to, so you know exactly what you need to do to ramp up your profits.

Create your $5K/month blog

Discover how you can turn your $5K/month business plan into a real, thriving blog.  Get the chance to bag $1000+ of exclusive bonuses. Plus info on your important next steps.

Implement what you learn with your FREE workbook to help you stay on track while you create your business plan


$5K Blogging Cheatsheet

Pinpoint the exact sales goals you need to hit to earn your first $5k/month with this plug ‘n’ play revenue map.

BONUS Q&A recording!

Tune into this rare recording of a real-life Q&A session with the most ambitious bloggers in my exclusive community.



Join the 600+ brand new and experienced bloggers that have hopped on the program!

“I really enjoyed Becca’s 5 day, make your first 5k blogging program. Becca was such a  down-to-earth teacher and she gave away so much useful info while providing the encouragement that I needed to start working on monetizing my blog!"

— Holly James, freelance copywriter

“Where do I start? I have toyed with the idea of blogging for a long time, but I had no idea where to start or how a blog could earn money. This challenge answered those questions and really helped me get in the right headspace. I learned about the business of blogging, the importance of making the right choices, how to find my niche and identify my target audience. This challenge lit a fire in me that I don't remember having for anything before. As I watched, listened, and did the work, I realized the potential for me to really succeed at this!"

— Seana Chafe, new blogger

Hey there, I'm Becca...

Back in the 2010s, I used to spend ALL my spare time blogging. And what did I have to show for it?

A mild case of carpal tunnel and a $0 blog. (Eek!)

I was desperate to have a blog like the ones in my favorites bar. But despite trawling through the first, second and 86th page of Google…

I still had NO clue how to earn a living as a blogger. 

Fast-forward to now, and I finally have a blog that pays my rent AND funds my Target obsession. Last month, I even treated myself to a photoshoot using some extra cash I had floating around the blog. 

Now, I want to show you how you can turn your “blogging thing” into a profitable business. 

So you can finally focus your energy on content that pays off. And say “yes” to upgrading to one-day delivery!

By the end of this fast track, you’ll have answers to questions like:

⚡️ How do I get thousands of visitors without ads?

⚡️ What’s the best way to monetize my blog when I’m strapped for time?

⚡️ Why is an email list so important and how do I grow mine?

⚡️ What’s the smartest way to promote my blog?

⚡️ What’s SEO?

⚡️ How do other bloggers make their money?

⚡️ How exactly can I earn $5k/month in my first year as a blogger?

And you’ll walk away with your $5k/month business plan!


The Blogger Fastlane is for you if…

🔥 You’re thinking about making a blog and you want to know if (financially) it will be worth your time

🔥 You’ve already got a blog and you want to earn on the content you’ve already created (as well as any content you plan to create)

🔥 You’ve got a service-based or coaching business and you want to use your blog to grow your biz while earning an extra cash flow on the side


Kind words...

When you join, you’ll get emailed a video training every day for 5 days.  But yes, you can work through the course in one go if you prefer!

Here are more As to your Qs…

A business plan sounds scary. What if I don’t feel ready?

Wanna know a secret? If the superstar bloggers you follow waited until they were “ready” to monetize their blog, they’d probably still be waiting to hit ‘publish’! 

This program doesn’t require you to hand in your resignation letter and pour all your resources into your blog. It’s about taking small steps with a big impact to move your blog (or idea for a blog!) towards a sustainable source of income -- ESPECIALLY if you don’t feel “ready”

I have little to no time to blog. Is this for me?

This program will help you identify where your efforts are best spend. So you can make sure the little time you have is manifesting the best outcome. And make informed decisions about how much time you’re realistically prepared to put into your blog. The program itself requires no more than 30-45 minutes a day for 5 days.

Will this show me how to create and grow my blog?

The aim of this course is to simplify your journey from a $0 blog to a blog that brings in $5k/month. I’ll share different ways you can grow your blog, but I won’t be going into the nitty-gritty details. 

If a more comprehensive course is what you’re after, you’ll have the chance to enroll in my all-in-one blogging program once you’ve completed the Blogger Fastlane.

Will this help me stop procrastinating?

It’s easy to procrastinate when you lose sight of why you’re blogging. This program will help you establish your motivations and long-term goals. So you can keep yourself on track on the days when you feel like doing anything but working on your blog.

“This gave me a place to start! This gave me a lot of clarity and a point to start. The questions opened up a different way of looking at the whole blogging thing. Thank you very much for the challenge!"
Aparna, brand new blogger

Now for the moment of truth…

Aren’t you tired of *not* getting funded by your blog?

Yes? Heck yes?

Then it’s time to join the Fastlane!

5 awesome video trainings!

You are not a blogger. You are a business owner!

How to build your list

Identify your key sources of blogging income

Create your $5K/month business plan

Create your $5K/month blog! 


🚀 The $5K/month Business Plan Workbook

🚀 The $5k/month Blogger Cheat Sheet

🚀 BONUS Q&A Recording!

WAS  ̶$̶9̶7̶

NOW ONLY $37 !!

“The best impulse-buy a blogger can make!"

"I worked closely with Becca while she created this program and I can honestly say, it’s the best $37 investment a blogger can make. Becca gives away tons of info without making it overwhelming. And by the end of the program, you’ll have a much clearer idea of what you need to do to turn your blog or idea for a blog into a real, sustainable source of income.”

Abi Prendergast, Launch copywriter

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